The Clean Air Mufflers keep carbon monoxide levels near zero PPM making your RV a much safer experience .

CAMS mufflers eliminate 99.1% of the carbon monoxide on ONAN 4k & 6k Gen Sets

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The Clean Air Mufflers are an after-market bolt on replacement catalytic muffler for all small gasoline powered engines designed for the specific reduction of deadly carbon monoxide by 99.1%.

Carbon monoxide reduction is achieved through a thermal conversion process using proprietary technology without the use of a closed-loop lambda system. The GenCat acts like a secondary afterburner converting the rich fuel mixture associated with carbureted type engines which inherently run "rich" by design to a much safer level of emissions output of CO2 , and H2O.

The End Result of near perfect combustion.

   Carbon Monoxide Reduction by 99.1% on all PPVs ,Generators , and Extrication Equipment 

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