About 300 Technologies

The Clean Air Muffler was developed with the notion that Carbon Monoxide kills thousands of people every year.  Public Safety Professionals and the general public need to be protected from this “Silent Killer”.  

It is proven that 99.2% of Green House Gases are removed by the GenCat device.  At 300 Technologies innovation is the goal, achieving  the reduction of Green House Gases produced by internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel.

An ISO9002 Laboratory has certified Clean Air Mufflers in order to verify all criteria for the public use and claims made by 300 Technologies.  Independently tested by NYU Polytechnic for the New York Fire Department. The GenCat is  widely used by Public Safety Departments around the country to safeguard their Firefighters, Recue Workers and Emergency Services First Responders from exposure to these hazardous gases.  “They are putting their lives on the line to begin with.  "Why take chances when we can do something to add an additional level of safety”.

300 Technologies believes in “Protecting those that Protect Us” and we continue to develop products that will also protect the planet from Greenhouse Gases.​