‚ÄčRobert,  As I indicated to you the other day, I am professionally desirous of pushing forward with a project that converts all our gas powered large equipment, i.e. extrication tools and generators, with Gencats.  The fire service has now become acutely aware of carbon monoxide as the silent killer for first responders, so much so, there has been a marketing push in the detection industry.  Keeping in mind, this has always been an issue, detection goes only so far in reducing our inherent risk.  With that, it is only prudent that we, as an industry, take all the necessary steps to mitigate it whenever possible.

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After testing the Ramfans with the Gencats on them against other manufacturers, the Ramfan with the Gencats out performed all of them in our carbon monoxide testing.

The numbers that were generated were significantly lower than the numbers we currently attain for our in service fans. One of the other key points that you should know is that our current fans can be retrofitted with the Gencats. So if a frontline unit goes in for repairs, the second line unit will also have the Gencats on them.

This will create a much safer environment for our people (50+ apparatus that carry fans). The recent study of cancer and the spread rate in firemen is alarming, and it is one more reason why the Gencats are such a great product.

I want to encourage you to continue to champion your product in other venues. The long term benefit can not be measured, but assuredly will have an effect on healthcare uses in departments.

Ric Jorge 

Firefighter, MPO (CEVO Certified), Nationally Certified Instructor, State of Florida Certified Instructor, State of Florida certified Live Burn Instructor